About Time Somebody old Me

Posted: May 3, 2017 by chelseas01 in ChelseaS

It’s about time that somebody told me this…

I am smart.

I am talented.

I am going to succeed in life; because I am crazy enough to try.

I will achieve my dreams; after all dreaming is a form of planning.

I am pretty; Just not like everyone else.

I am going to get through this; it’s just another bump in the beautiful journey called life.

I am enough; maybe not for everyone, but for myself.

I am a blunt person, and there is nothing wrong with that. People can get over it.

I am awesome.

I am a good person.

I am a  good daughter.

I am a good listener; for those who need someone to care.

I am me, and there is no one I would rather be.


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