You Couldn’t

Posted: April 21, 2017 by chelseas01 in ChelseaS

I tried to talk to you about the good ole days

But you couldn’t remember


I tried to let you help me make baked spaghetti

But you couldn’t breathe


I tried to make a quilt with you

But your hands were just too shaky to hold the needle and thread


I asked you to tell me a story about your childhood

But you couldn’t get your words straight


I wanted to go swimming with you one last time

But you couldn’t get out of bed anymore

You couldn’t walk any longer


I tried so hard to think that you would get better

I tried to have hope

I tried to have faith

But you just got worse


Oh what I would give to hear you call me “Nanny’s Baby” just one more time

As I lay awake at night remembering the good ole days, hoping for some miracle that you will get better, longing to go back to those summer days of us swinging on the porch, I start to cry.


I cry.

I don’t cry because those times are over.

I cry because of all the things you just couldn’t do anymore.








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