Posted: March 23, 2015 by brittanyhodges0 in BrittanyH

A world of all inner thoughts

but no actions

“People are so mean”

Skank! Loser! Freak!

“She’s my best friend,ily!”

One of the fakest people I have ever met

“I LOVE your outfit”

What dumpster dive did she salvage that from?

“All I wish is for world peace’

Homicide, I hate everyone, go away!

What are we? Who have we become, and why?

Now a days behind every keyboard we each become a peace activists and confront all the wrong and fake positivity.

I have done it, you done it, we are all guilty.

The universe has became a greedy place that only reflects upon self empowerment and sets a goal to crush every happy moment someone else may have.

“Do they mean that?” “Were they being sarcastic?”

Our fingers now either tremble over the blue cubed box that sends our personal message throughout the stratosphere or putting up a braceful cold front stating that we are not afraid of others.

The fear, the laughter, the anxiety, the drama

it all slowly builds up inside

Until it once hits you again



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