Where I’m From

Posted: October 23, 2013 by skylar1314 in SkylarP

I am from the same two-story brick building where my parents lived before me.

I am from funny stories before bed and warm clothes fresh from the dryer upon awakening.

I’m from the twisted world of imagination,

from the fuzzy line between dreams and reality.

I’m from the voices that never leave saying, “Never give up,” and “You’re beautiful.”

Strangely, they sound like my nana.

I am from Logan High School graduates turned Marshall alumni with hearts that bleed the mixture of blue and gold.

I am from, “Sure, but don’t tell your mother,” and eating vanilla icing out of the tube.

I am from Please and Thank yous,

from graciousness and kind hearts.

I’m from kisses and hugs hello and goodbye,

from the warm, loving family that lives always in a special little place in my heart.


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