Hymn for an Optimist by Lexi Morgan

Posted: May 30, 2014 by Lexi in LexieM



How do you tell a heart to hold on
When all that holds it together


How do you say
“It’s alright”
When the one thing you need is


A life like that can’t be worth it, all that

Hold on.
It gets better.
Your glass-half-full gets fuller with every tear that

So smile,
Fake it until the joy deludes the

Fake it until your soul trickles down the sides of the glass like a

Just smile.
Smile until you’re strong enough to knock it


Water pooling on the constantly dirty kitchen floor,
Washing away all the


Just smile.
Live in the walls around your heart a little while longer,
Then rejoice when you

Kick them down.

Relish in the dust and debris until you think you’ve built a small condo in your lungs,
Complete with a pool out back and a welcome mat that reads,

“Leave your glass-half-full at the door.”

Not because you’re tired of it,
Not because your hope is gone,
But because you’ve outgrown your glass like you outgrew your sippy cup.
Drink straight from the carton of life,
Get drunk on your happiness,

And always

Remember the puddle on your kitchen floor,
And the reflection of your fake smile in the dirty water.


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