When We’re Little by Lexi Morgan

Posted: June 2, 2014 by Lexi in LexieM

When we’re little, we run for fun.
We run so we can fly.
We run through the sweltering heat,
and hear the sound of cloth swishing together as our little legs pump
And make us take off.
We see the world whizzing by in colors like melted Neapolitan
Ice cream.
When we stop, our legs are jelly.
We fall,
But we laugh on the way down.
When we get older,
We run to get away.
Away from the dark,
A fear we thought we lost when we grew up,
But we were wrong.
This is a different kind of dark.
One that, despite all the good,
Makes us run from the time when we were children,
The time we ran for fun.


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