I Remember

Posted: October 23, 2013 by haleykw2015 in HaleyW

I remember loafing on my porch

I remember cigarette smoke surrounding everything

I remember going to mamaw’s house because we had no food

and I remember baking cakes with her.

I remember arriving home and listening to my dad play guitar

I remember going to school and working my hardest

I remember watching over Jesse because he was so small

and I remember my mom having DJ.

I remember exciting birthday parties, family pictures, and presents

I remember the best food at granny’s house

and I remember my parents were there.

I remember thinking and dreaming in impossibilities

I remember each foster home

and I remember realizing how different everyone is.

I remember arguing with everyone

I remember trying too hard to grow up

but I don’t remember when I  lost the part of me that made those things important.

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