About a Kurt

Posted: April 17, 2012 by aburroway in AdamB, Kurt Cobain--A Life's Story

Point of view from Tracy Marander

This becoming hard

I do all the work

And he does nothing.

He won’t get a job

He doesn’t even get dressed in the morning.

I love him,

But I can’t do this anymore

I’m tired of being the only one working.

I’m tired of having to steal food for us.

All he does is paint pictures

He paints everything.

He thinks he’s an artist or something

He’s talented, but being talented

Won’t get you anywhere in this world anymore.

He plays guitar too

And is in some kind of band

But whenever he plays around me

He keeps playing the same chords over and over

And mumbles stuff as if trying to write a song

But whatever,

I bet it’s not even about me.

* Kurt dated Tracy Marander for a while and lived with her in her apartment.

* The song “About a Girl” is about Kurt and Tracy’s relationship.

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