Posted: January 29, 2013 by josephcolley in JosephC

Control in your palms
A puppeteer of another world.
Whether is a mushroom land,
or a kingdom in peril.
your hands decide the fate.
Your brain every-thinking
In an attempt to outsmart the opponent
Your mind transforms into a computer
Every thought instantly translating into movement
Your gut stays smooth,
your breath stays calm, though you feel it’s everything
you continue to think and act
until you hear the famous words
“Finish Him!”

  1. Ethan G says:

    I remember when you read this and said “Finish Him!” I started dying laughing. I love this one, I know I can certainly relate to it.

  2. gracianarose13 says:

    I hope the kingdom in peril is a reference to The Legend of Zelda; love it.

  3. lukacsbetsy says:

    I love the determination no matter the game being played!

  4. sonyaashby says:

    I love the imagery of controlling a world in the palm of your hand! Make you wonder if God is in heaven with a controller. 🙂