A Life I Could Live

Posted: January 29, 2013 by kaileed7 in 2013, KaileeD

If I had a life I could live

I’d forget about you and the memories I hold here

You’d be gone and I’d eventually move one

And I wouldn’t think of you year after year

My life could be worry free

The feelings I once had would finally leave

Misery would no longer have a hold on me

  1. vjbc21 says:

    I like this one… 🙂

  2. katlynmollett says:

    I like the line “I would forget about you and the memories I hold here”. In my opinion, this poem is very powerful. I can relate to this poem, because everyone has bad memories or memories they wish could disappear. I think a lot of people will identify with this. You did a great job; this poem is beautiful. This poem brought back memories I had forgotten about. This is great.

  3. josephcolley says:

    This one’s pretty nice. I like the image that you get of leaving someone who hurt you that you get in this poem. And the last line with the Personification. Beautiful.

  4. Trying to forget someone only brings misery and pain. No matter how bad that person was to you, they still will inspire or encourage you. Hatred for those people make us strong. Never forget that you are strong.