This little thing.

Posted: May 4, 2017 by alexishodges02 in AlexisH

There is this thing inside our head telling us she’s gone , but we tell it no she’s strong. She has been through a lot in her lifetime , and we know that. With the cancer at 19 and the titanium eroding at 34. We knew it was rough , but she held it together made it through for us. She went back the hospital on 2-6-17 and was told that her gallbladder was bad and she had pancreatitis. We talked to her before they took her back into the surgery. She told us she would message us when she came to. It was 3 hours later and still nobody had heard from her. She didn’t call or message anyone. We were all worried about her. We all told ourselves that she was okay and that she made it through great. 2 hours later still  no call so we all gained hope and said that she was going to be okay. 1 hour late she called and right then we knew not to think negative and to always be positive.


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