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A Reality-Altering Will

Posted: March 26, 2013 by prometheus117 in MatthewD

Harder than diamond and stronger than steel.

So much so is the power of will.

It can move mountains and flatten hills.

It can part seas and dry oceans.

Sometimes it will effect others’ emotions.

It is like any reaction because it still needs a starting force.

That force is called desire or ambition.

To me both words are the same.

In reality, all you have to do is want.

Want something more then you ever wanted before.

Then in your mind will start a war.

Reality and Fantasy will be the two sides.

All you have to do is combine the two divides.

Make reality your fantasy or make fantasy your reality.

Our time is so short, so all we can do is make the best we can.

Before our existence ends and we meet the maker of Man.

A Questionable Reality

Posted: March 26, 2013 by prometheus117 in MatthewD

Life is predestined and yet you are still free.

Free to make your own decisions, but does mean the outcome will still be the same?

Are we just pawns in a cruel god’s game?

Living up til our usefulness then being discarded as quickly as we came.

Are we even real?

Do we really feel what we feel?

Maybe it is all an illusion caused by pain.

We try to make ourselves happy, so we don’t go insane.

Maybe my life is real or maybe it never was.

Question all that you see and wonder if it is real.

Some things are scary when there a little to ideal.

The Breath of a God

Posted: March 26, 2013 by prometheus117 in MatthewD

There I saw a god among men.

He was mightier then the sword and pen.

The truth he spoke materialized into this Earth.

It was more golden then gold and brighter then all of the Suns.

It obliterated all hate and guns.

Then he yelled lightning and thunder with his breath.

Two angels bowed at his feet: one called Life and the other named Death.

All things that ever were appeared in front of him as he began his judgement of every deed ever done.

He absorbed all of the universe and made everything one.

One of Endless Night

Posted: January 30, 2013 by prometheus117 in Uncategorized

Age of Gods is over.

The Age of Man is coming closer.

I am now grand composer.

I shall write ballads about a beast.

Who willl fill its belly on the idiots that it will feast.

Cities will burn and the heavens will fall.

My return to grace none shall forestall.

I can move mountains and bend the wills of every man.

I am the last of a once godlike clan.

My powers of persuasion around beyond your comprehension.

My aims are greater than anything you could ever mention.

I hold all cards in my hand.

You are about to witness something grand.

As I am raised from the slums to my own kingdom of gold.

I am doing something that not even Nostradamus could have foretold.

As you see I have thought long about my goal.

I will do anything to accomplish it, even sell my soul.

You do not know me or where I have been.

My greatest battles are within.

I are driven by pride and consumed by hate.

I am arrogant enough to challenge fate.

I see no end sight.

Now you are in my world, one of endless night.

The Tragedy of the Firstborn Son

Posted: January 30, 2013 by prometheus117 in MatthewD

I have seen the world and all that it is.

She is still his.

I have lost my ambition and all that I desire.

All of my memories are erased by a fire.

Running away, I can’t escape.

As I watch all my horrors take shape.

I still run, not stopping as I reach the cliff.

My life is a misunderstood glyph.

Every tear shed.

Every time I wished I was dead.

Nothing matters to me anymore.

I’m tired of fighting myself in this endless war.

I am going to let it consume my soul.

I am only a piece of what I was, I am no longer whole.

I have burned all those who cared.

The thing I am becoming has me scared.

I am drowning in a bottomless sea of rage.

All of my evil is unleashed from its cage.

I have no more vision, now it is all black.

So many words said and actions done that I can never take back.

My ribs are organless as hate is pumped in my veins.

The fires aren’t put out even as it rains.

I don’t want anything at all.

I keep backing myself into a wall.

I am trapped with nowhere to run.

If only I could have stopped it before it begun.

I bask one last time in the midnight sun.

Each Will Bring Death and Destruction on Mass Scales

Posted: January 30, 2013 by prometheus117 in MatthewD

The watch dies.

Time no longer flies.

That moment has stopped all things.

This world has no queens or kings.

No authority or nobility in sight.

So many people don’t want to fight.

But for us to have a world without war.

There must be the coming of the horses four.

Each will bring death and destruction on mass scales.

We have nothing to compare them to, not even old wise tales.

The righteous will come back once again.

No one can guess when.

So as you sit and wait for all this to end.

I wait to transcend.

God of Thunder

Posted: January 30, 2013 by prometheus117 in Uncategorized

Oh God of Thunder, I envy the free expression of your rage.

You are subject to no society or cage.

The clouds are raw materials being made by your will.

My only escape is using a paper and quill.

These ballads and epics that I write are all I have to escape the day.

They will help me remain long after my body has faded away.

Your shows of lightning are the markers of your presence.

My words are the embodiment of my essence.