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Posted: May 3, 2017 by kwilliams41 in 2017, KaileahW

All alone I think to  myself

What did I do? Should I lose faith?

It was just in a blink…



I’ve cried many nights

Though you probably don’t care

You’ve done gone and moved on

This still isn’t fair.

We’ve both done wrong things

but that was the past,

so here’s to our future,

that would hopefully last.

You tell me to forget.

That we are just friends…

But, I don’t believe

You believe in that too.




Posted: May 3, 2017 by kwilliams41 in 2017, KaileahW

Everyone has mistakes,

Though not everyone admits to them.

I’ve made an abundance in my life,

However my worst was losing you.

Things take time,

This I understand.

You want days?

I’ll give you weeks.

You want weeks?

I’ll give you months.

You want months?

I’ll give you years,

And in these years…

Lasts forever.

Waiting is hard,

But if you really love someone,

You’d wait forever.




Posted: April 20, 2017 by kwilliams41 in 2017, KaileahW

This one thing can tear some apart.

Only the ones who fight to survive will remain standing.

Distance is a killer.

I am jealous of the people that see you everyday.

I wish I could be kissing you,

Rather than missing you.

Distance is a test.

A test to see how far love can travel.

Some may pass, but others fail.

Though to me…


No matter how painful distance may be,

Not having you in my life could kill.

As long as we can see the same moon…

breath the same air…

step on the same planet…

Then you and I are not impossible.

Distance can’t stop whats meant to be.

Distance can’t separate two hearts.

Distance can’t ruin relationships;

doubts do…

So tell me, what are you doubting?




Time Flies

Posted: April 20, 2017 by kwilliams41 in KaileahW

A liquid moon,
Makes you think of whom?
A soon to be baby,
Or maybe your honeymoon.

A liquid moon,
Holds all your secrets,
As well as your future.

A liquid moon,
Foresees all your steps
Toward all of achievement.

A liquid moon,
Don’t grow up too soon.