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Pretty When She Cries

Posted: April 14, 2016 by bethanydk in BethanyK, Uncategorized

♦Are you aware of the state that I’m in?

My hands,

they shake.

My head,

it spins.

And for some reason I can’t understand why this dark cloud is eating away at me,

Her laugh,

It plays in everything.

She makes me dance,

all by myself.

And the fragments of her mind can’t comprehend what’s going on in mine,

she’s too focused on her happiness,

because the happiness that she feels,

is actually my pain.

The happier she gets,

the weaker I get.

It’s like a cycle right?


I feel every ounce of pain she feels which makes mine worse,

considering she drains the life from my tired body. ♦



Posted: April 13, 2016 by bethanydk in BethanyK, Uncategorized

I hold no demons,

and I hold no lies,

I keep the promise of death deep inside.

Their claws,

they’re sharp,

but so are my teeth when I have to bite the skin away from my eyes,

they don’t care.

They think I’m laughing,

I’m happy breathing.

but when they scream,

all I can do,

is cover my ears and pray they’ll stay away from me,

nothing but pain lay on the floor.

I run,

My words hold power,

Their claws hold defeat.


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There is a place within me,

that sighs like the tide.

It curles like a roaring wave,

that crashes down on me,

and rips me open from the inside.

When my guts spill,

will you still be there with me,

when I am no longer able to speak, or plead for my life,


I’ll be gone like the wind,

that just blew every spark of existence,



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Write this on my tombstone,

all of my poems were about you,

all of yours were about her.

And even though I’m trying to grasp onto this,

this new way of living life I call mine,

since your mistakes,

I know now there’s no escaping these thoughts that bury me,

I fight with the pretty and the ugly thought of suicide,

that float around in the air we breathe,

they just wont leave,


write this on my tombstone,

if death so happens to wrap me up in his cold arms,

you were the death of me,

the death of everything I was,

and what I’d ever be.


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Take a picture of my heart,

put my binds in place.

Spill my guts,

clean it up.

Cry, sing, fly, into the snow storm in my withered heart,

so it’ll be enough for me to get by.

It glistens in the sunlight and makes me realize how my body reacts,

to this poison I’m drinking,

with a heart beat,

and lips.

My heart is still cold, but maybe,

just maybe,

this poison will make it hot,

like melting lava oozing out of a volcano,

just before, it splits into two halves,



Posted: April 12, 2016 by bethanydk in BethanyK, Uncategorized

But I don’t hear them,

my own thoughts echo through my head.

Repeating the same things over and over and over and over,

This girl that I see in the mirror,

is she really alive?

or is she just faking it?

This beings eyes are like the ocean,

bits green,

bits blue.

She lives so those waves can tangle her up in happiness and in death.


is she really alive?

or has she already died 1000 times inside?

She’s stronger than you think, just a little lost right now.