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Posted: January 16, 2015 by aenbell in AllisonB

Your words begin to mean nothing to me,
You continue to lie under your breathe.
Had me convinced that you were different,
Yet here I am, with a broken trust.

My heart torn out from the center of my chest,
Ripped into a million pieces.
You promised me over and over,
That you would change for the better.

But I soon came to realize,
That you’re no different than the first time we met.
Each event replayed itself,
And each time you betrayed me.


My sister , my friend

Posted: January 15, 2015 by aenbell in AllisonB

To me you are an angel in disguise.
Full of intuition, intelligent, and wise.
Always giving and helping through
Good times and bad.
You are the best friend I’ve ever had.
If I had one wish it would surely be
To give you as much as you’ve given to me.
Though I’ve put our relationship through some cloudy days,
You’ve been my sunshine in so many ways.
Through trials and tests, right by me
You stood,
And gave me your hand whenever you could.
Thank you so much my sister, my friend
My gratitude for you has no end.


Posted: January 15, 2015 by aenbell in AllisonB

Softball is the sport I play. I’d play softball any day. Whenever it is hot or cold. Softball still, I think is bold. Some people prefer basketball, volleyball, or golf. But not me, softball is the one I love. Teh gloves, the bat,the ball, the socks, the cleats, the dirt, and the colored shirts. No questions about it softball is the one for me!


Posted: January 14, 2015 by aenbell in AllisonB

Her hands held me gently from
The day I took my first breath
Her hands guide me as I take my
First steps
Her hands held me when tears
would fall
Her hands were there to brush
My hair
Her hands help hold the stairs
In place
Her hands pushed me through
The good times and bad
Her hands are now twisting with
Age and years of work
Her hands are more beautiful
Then anything I seen
Her hands made me who
I am


Posted: January 13, 2015 by aenbell in AllisonB

Words are hard to describe feelings

I have always been better with images

Yet writing  down how much I miss you

Seems to give me more piece

Writing to let go to give this all a piece

It will never go away

learning to give it time and space

I can tell you how much you mean to me

How much I need you in life

Writing about you and how fair I have

I become a stronger person