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When I was Young

Posted: October 24, 2013 by skylar1314 in SkylarP

When I was young at my nana’s house, my nana had a freshly cooked five star meal prepared for me upon arrival every day.

I followed up dinner with a birthday party with an orange cupcake with a single candle stuck in one of the icing loops for a cake. This was not a rare occasion.

I hid under the table in order to eat icing and sugar raw from their containers, no matter how many times my nana warned me that I’d get worms.

When I was young at my nana’s house, summers found me in the back yard hurling brightly colored water balloons as hard as my little arm could handle at my aunt, who was always a good sport.

I used to be an animal expert in that back yard, chasing lizards and chipmunks and hopping the fence to her neighbor’s yard just so I could play with her little Chihuahua, Pippy.

When I was young at my nana’s house, summers also found me on the lonely road that passes by her front yard. The tires of my old bike with the tasseled handle bars know every inch of that road.

Scooby-Doo existed, not only on TV, but in my real life. Each day that old road found me assuming the persona of Daphne Blake, while my loving aunt took directions very well from a small young girl.

At the end of the day, when her neighbor’s grandson was in town, the fireflies knew they had better run, or we were gonna capture them all in recycled jam jars.

When I was young at my nana’s house, I never was bored. My imagination ran wild, and so did I. But no matter where in the world I thought I was, I never forgot where I was really standing: on the sacred ground of my childhood.


In Color

Posted: October 23, 2013 by skylar1314 in SkylarP

I’d like to be red

and have a firey passion burning in my soul with every tick of a clock’s long hand.

I’d like to be yellow

and always wear a bright raincoat that fogginess and dreariness roll right off of.

I’d like to be blue

and be able to calm a storm that may be tearing through my life like a tornado.

I’d like to be orange

and be flamboyant and energetic so I can bounce through life like a happy bunny on a mission.

I’d like to be green

and have a positive nature about me that allows me to go anywhere at all.

I’d like to be purple

and have a noble view on everything so that I don’t have to feel less than royal.

But the truth is,

I’m black. As black as the three a.m. sky.

I’m strong, sophisticated, elegant, and


But, black is a mixture of all colors.

So, I guess

I’m rainbow.



Where I’m From

Posted: October 23, 2013 by skylar1314 in SkylarP

I am from the same two-story brick building where my parents lived before me.

I am from funny stories before bed and warm clothes fresh from the dryer upon awakening.

I’m from the twisted world of imagination,

from the fuzzy line between dreams and reality.

I’m from the voices that never leave saying, “Never give up,” and “You’re beautiful.”

Strangely, they sound like my nana.

I am from Logan High School graduates turned Marshall alumni with hearts that bleed the mixture of blue and gold.

I am from, “Sure, but don’t tell your mother,” and eating vanilla icing out of the tube.

I am from Please and Thank yous,

from graciousness and kind hearts.

I’m from kisses and hugs hello and goodbye,

from the warm, loving family that lives always in a special little place in my heart.