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Untitled — by Ashley

Posted: May 14, 2009 by ramblingnurse93 in Ashley

Peace to you, oh place of joy
Peace to you calm and unpredictable
Peace to you tangible and home

A blessing on the never-ending waves
Crashing, flowing into the shore
Bringing delight, joy, calmness to
people of the city

A blessing towards all rooms – the distinct
smell only found as you walk through these
doors, the warm breeze which finds its way
upon your skin as you open the balcony door

A blessing towards the live music
Hearing the amateur singer play covers of popular
songs, selling CDs for twenty-five a piece, an
outrageous price for such thing
Annoying, usually, but it’s a sure sign that shows
me I’m really home.

A blessing towards the constantly popular Jacuzzi,
the one that is always full,
that tingling feeling of searing, hot water on my stomach
as I take those steps and lay my back against the
water jets, setting my eyes upon the sky and staring
at flocks of seagulls, even the occasional airplane

A blessing on the [virgin] strawberry daiquiris, because
for anyone who tasted them, we know they simply are
the best.
The coldness of the plastic cup, extra bits of daiquiri
flowing down the sides, licking them before it drips
onto the deck

A blessing on the late-night walks on the beach
The feeling of slight warmth from the breeze, rustling strands
of your ocean hair across your face
The ocean barely touching your toes as you walk
across the sand
A blessing on the excitement of meeting new people, learning
about them and having fun while doing so

A blessing to this whole place,
this place where I feel safe, where I can confide in,
where I can leave my deepest worries behind and just
be myself


You are many.

Posted: May 14, 2009 by desirae13 in Desirae

By: Desirae AKers


You are many.

You are the one

Who makes me want to wear

Something in red.


You are  a hot air balloon

That carries me far away

From all my troubles.


You are that person

Who takes all the pain I feel

And use your healing mind to fix it.


You are the one

Who makes my heart skip a beat

Every time you leave me breathless


I want this feeling to last always

But I wont allow myself to be naïve.

Waiting and hoping is my best bet.


You are the one person in my life

That is able to lift me off my feet.


You are my never ending jump

From a trampoline, allowing me

To be carried away from all

The butterflies you have caged

In my stomach.

My excitement and smile never ends.


You are the big part of why I see

Deeper than four oceans

Rather the dwelling on the surface.


You are the best

Change in me

And no matter what road we

Choose to walk on .


You’ll always have a

Red rose for remembrance

In my heart.

Sacred Sinner by Carissa Nelson

Posted: May 14, 2009 by carissan11 in Carissa

I motion my fingers as if locking my mouth shut. I throw away the key & refuse to let a word out. I watch you praise him on Sunday nights, your motions acting as your words. I continually listen to the stories of the weekend roll off your lips, knowing in my mind this ministry will soon be in vain. I keep quiet. But, you’re pretending again Saint. Hypocritical, again.

 You think you’re in with the ‘in-crowd’, the way you chug the last drink of the booze, letting it burn your throat as it travels to give you your much anticipated high. But, I thought boozers were losers, right? I see behind your blood-shot eyes. You can’t hide the strong scent of the burning leaves – the intense aroma, filling your precious givers-of-air with putrid unknowns. I hate to think of that.

 What do you believe you will get out of your immature behavior? Happiness that lasts as long as the euphoric feeling does? Definitely, but all good things come to an end. I promise you that. Do you not realize what this does to our ‘family’, our Creator? Do you not think of the reputation our way of witness receives because of your habit, your must-have minute, maybe, of contentment?

 You think I don’t know? Well, you should know he does. He knows all. I honestly wish he was not all-knowing, so that perhaps he could be sheltered from hurt he does not deserve.

Rambling Biography by Kari Back

Posted: May 14, 2009 by kariface in Kari

I was born right when I was supposed to be. I went to school and was very quiet. I got in trouble for coloring in circles and helping a boy glue eyes on his gingerbread man. I stayed at my grandma’s house every chance I got so I could play with my cousin. My grandma took us to the pool, to the park, to Ohio and back. She never made us wear our seatbelts. I moved to Michigan when I was 10 because my dad got a new job. I didn’t like it there at first, but the seven months of winter grew on me. I was uprooted again when I was 14 – we were moving back to West Virginia. Mom said it was because everything was too expensive in Michigan – I think it was because she missed her dad. I cried and cried the day we left our house in Grand Blanc. Now I’m here; not happy, but content. I don’t plan on staying much longer…

A Parody

Posted: May 14, 2009 by elb2011 in Elyse

(To UL/17/F/223 This Monument Is Given by Logan High)

She was founded by the church to be,

One who kept her eyes shut when it was time to pray.

And all the kids her age agree

There were many things she didn’t do or say.

For in everything she did she aimed to please,

With the common want and not need,

Only herself and God to a certain degree.

She didn’t fight because she didn’t care,

For the records will show her to be fair.

(Among the As everyone waited to see,)

Occasionally there’d be the dreaded B.

Her peers will say she didn’t cause much of a fuss,

There isn’t much she wouldn’t do for us,

and she utterly refused to ever cuss.

Medical records will show they weren’t too fun,

Two herniated discs and not just one,

But her parents would say the surgery was a success.

She dreamed to rise about everyone else,

She’d undergo this process in a so-called stealth.

A future, some hair, a promise, and a drive.

Cliques around town might have their talk,

Attentiveness was never found to be present.

An unwavering idea, which in fact turned out to be a hard walk.

She broke her heart to date in high school for hopes she wouldn’t have to again,

Although she knew it was never a sin,

But she’s bad at endings and only wants to begin.

Was she different? Was she skilled? The question is bad:

If anyone pondered her happiness, she’d be anything but mad.

E. Burkhamer

Vocational Road by Carissa Nelson

Posted: May 14, 2009 by carissan11 in Carissa
You will come into a town that is guarded by Mother Nature’s mountains,
where back-roads fork off as if you have anywhere to choose from.
But you must resist and go on,
to reach it.
Picture the people like colors in a pack of crayons,
each a different shade and special in its own way,
and continue pushing your wheels onward.
Past the old, monotonous town,
past the ancient holders of the trains,
and desolate you may say,
stands a bridge.
It will lead you to a large, blue building,
where things are taught,
and an old race track,
where the roars of four-wheeler engines used to rumble through the hills.
Barns and trailers will assure your arrival.
The fallen trees and a yucky, trash-filled river will lead you to my steep, long driveway,
To My Abode.

Spring time 4:00pm

Posted: May 14, 2009 by desirae13 in Desirae, Uncategorized

Desirae Akers



Spring time 4:00 pm


evening is

bright sky

warm day


new life

grow and blossom

right away


green grass

soft between toes


empty house

                no voices heard


and outside on

the spring day

the screams are followed

with your play


the yellow flowers everywhere

smelling sweet

sway to the wind


birds in their nest sing

on trees

covering mountain tops

This is spring time

My Dad by Robbie

Posted: May 14, 2009 by rmgrove in Robbie

My sister and I went to bed early and slammed the door
We sat up and talked about how scary he had become
He would never do anything to hurt one of us, or our mom, but it was the unpredictability that scared us
My dad was an alcoholic
He usually drank at night, after everyone else had gone to bed
Then he sat up alone until we started to wake up
He constantly tried to hide himself from us
We were only five and seven
I can remember sometimes he started early and we had to see that side of him
That sad, pathetic side that made me look at him as everything but my dad, who was always so loving and seemed to have it together
He thought he hid the stench of alcohol
And the slurred speech
And the tendency to doze off
He thought he hid it well
He thought we didn’t know
That is, thankfully, all in the past
He hasn’t been drunk in probably six years or more
He is so much easier to be around
And I finally have my dad back

No Matter how Much I Try

Posted: May 14, 2009 by sk8erbeau in Beau

No matter how much I try to prevent my stuff from breaking….

My brothers are there to mess it all up.

And when im gone

I come back and somethings missing

My brothers try to tell me they dont know where its at.

but…….(Yeah Right)

Im not stupid as they think I am

but….No matter how much I try… it doesn’t happen

Parody of W.H. Auden’s Satire by Carissa Nelson

Posted: May 14, 2009 by carissan11 in Carissa

(To FW/50/927 This Monument is given by the Athletic Director)


He was found by the coaches to be

One against whom there was no official criticism to be given,

And all the stats on his games agree

That, in the modern sense of an All-American athlete, he was one who stole the show,

For in everything he did he followed the rules of the referee.

Except for days when he couldn’t go on, from the start of his career

He worked in the weight room and was never misgiving as it appeared,

But satisfied his fellow players and the football coach

In making the winning decision he was above reproach.

He wasn’t a complainer, not one to cause trouble

And coaches from other schools say his effort was always doubled

(Our report on coaches from other schools show that they are reliable,

They promoted WVSSAC regulations, and thought them to be applicable.)

He had compassion for the sport and had not a single thought of causing pain to a fellow athlete,

The staff is satisfied that he offered nothing but one hundred and ten percent each day

And that his reactions to screen plays were pleasing in unspeakable ways.

Both coaches and players affirm it:

He was fully mindful to the advantages of being on Varsity in his ninth grade year

He had everything necessary for an after high school career,

The strength, will power, and heart to succeed.

Gary Mullins and Josh Fry are pleased

That he held the proper skills to wow the crowd

When there were drills, he did drills; he presented no objection.

His team showed a high amount of proficiency

Which the press says was easy to see.


Was he happy? Was it fun? Don’t be ridiculous.

Had anything been wrong, certainly the coaches would have told us

Painful Reminiscence by Alisha Runyon

Posted: May 14, 2009 by lisha09 in Alisha

You remember her.

Sitting on her favorite section of the couch and watching her favorite soap operas.

You remember very vividly the theme songs of every show.

On snow white winter days she would tell you not to sit on the heater vent;

afraid you would burn the house down.

You often stop what you’re doing and realize how lost you might be if she were gone.

So to pass time you sat behind her on her flower pattern couch and braid her hair.

Hoping one day you’ll have the same beautiful curly locks.

As the cold seasons passed you remember watching her read her Bible,

wondering if anyone could possibly have read it more than she.

You’re not very sure what would happen if she were to just leave all of the sudden, then you have to

block out those thoughts for fear they’ll taint your dreams.

Then you wake up from a dream you wish was reality.

That’s when you realize that you need to stop living in the past and let everything be as it should.

There you were-Alex Estep

Posted: May 14, 2009 by alexbestep in AlexE

There You Were

Alex Estep

There you were in that big, red, swing laughing as he pushed you higher and higher.

The sun smiling down on you, birds singing around you, and the wind blowing your hair from your face, the day couldn’t be more perfect.

There you were with a crowd of people, eating a slice of pizza and cheering him on as if it were only the two of you at those football games.

Before he went on the field he blew a kiss from his fingertips which you caught and threw one back.  You smiled as he pretended to put it in his pocket and save it for later.

There you were waiting for him in the Toyota, as he was getting near the two of you locked eyes, making it impossible for you to stop smiling.

As he got into the truck he reached into the pocket of his blue jeans and pulled something out, yet, when he opened his hand to reveal what he had, it was empty. 

He saw the dumbfounded look upon your face and smiled then you remembered it was kiss he saved earlier.  He always knew just how to make you smile.

There you were being woken up in the morning with a kiss on your forehead as he whispers “C’mon, I have something to show you.” 

As you climbed up into the white truck you paid no attention to the music playing around you, only to the hand that rested upon your knee.

There you were on the tailgate of his truck, his arms wrapped around you, holding you close, it was the only warmth you needed.

The smell of pine all around and the warmth of the sun created the perfect atmosphere.  The beauty of the sun rising just above the horizon nearly took your breath away.  He leaned in closer and whispered “There is nothing more beautiful than you.”

There you were six and a half months later, with no swings, smiling suns, kisses or sunrises and there was never a perfect day.  You were tired of all the drinking and all the drugs, tired of washing the clothes that smelt of strong vodka and marijuana, but most of all tired of spending endless nights crying yourself to sleep.

There you were trying to deal with a break that just wouldn’t mend your body tired and weak.  Then one day it was over and you were free again. You were laughing with your friends, without a care in the world; you turn to him “Goodbye, my friend.” You say to him.

And there you were forgetting him, but never the lesson he taught you, and once more you whisper “Goodbye old friend.”

Snip by Elysse

Posted: May 14, 2009 by elb2011 in Elyse

     This reminds me of times or a time when I thought something would be fun if I just did it. In a split second, I would never be able to get back what it made me lose. Like when I thought it would be fun to cut a section of my hair because I found those school scissors with the funky colors on them that barely would cut construction paper last summer. I snipped it near my chin, and it fell instantly into the sink lying dormant and unattached to my head. All of my hair was not the full twenty inches anymore. I looked in the mirror and wanted to cry. Why did I cut my hair? Although it was only a section, you can’t tell, and hair grows back, it taught me lesson. Something, anything, I try so hard to keep, like above a 4.0 average,my reputation, and even my virginity, can disappear in a split second if I make an impulse decision like I did the day I cut that section of hair. Needless to say, I don’t cut sections of my hair anymore.


E. Burkhamer

Spring time 4:00pm

Posted: May 13, 2009 by desirae13 in Desirae

By:Desirae Akers


Spring time 4:00 pm


evening is

bright sky

warm day


new life

grow and blossom

right away


green grass

soft between toes



empty house

                no voices heard


and outside on

the spring day

the screams are followed

with your play


the yellow flowers everywhere

smelling sweet

sway to the wind


birds in their nest sing

on trees

covering mountain tops

intro by beau allen

Posted: May 13, 2009 by sk8erbeau in Beau

 Beau Allen and he’s fourteen years old. Also he has wanted to be a professional skateboarder since sixth grade. Also  his birth day is August the fourteenth. And if he don’t proceed in being a professional skateboarder. he wants to be a person that works at crime scenes.