I Remember

Posted: May 5, 2017 by kwilliams41 in 2017, KaileahW

I remember the excitement in my eyes

as I ran back and forth waiting for mom to pick me up.

I remember their eyes full of pity

which at that time I couldn’t decipher.

I remember the cold silence in the car ride home

not even a single word spoken.

I remember the awkwardness as I kept questioning my mother

I remember going on with, “How is she?” and “How long can I stay?”

I remember her not having any answers for any of my questions.

I remember the first tear that rolled down my mothers cheek,

The one that I walked over and gently rubbed her face to ask what was wrong.

I remember watching her lips tremble

as she began to tell me that mawmaw wasn’t in pain anymore.

I remember feeling confused,

because wasn’t that a good thing?

I remember the moment that everything clicked,

The moment I fell apart.

I remember the pain of someone reaching in my chest,

grabbing my heart,

and tearing it straight down the middle.

I remember the tears that rolled down my face as if it was just yesterday

The tears that still occasionally fall

I remember her as if she were still here

Because she is here

Watching over me from heaven.


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