The Tree That Witnessed The Boston Bombing

Posted: May 4, 2017 by tylerc30 in 2017, TylerC

Until Monday, April 15, my life was calm. I stood on a street in Boston. I watched people go to and from work and appointments and loving life. The next day it was here; people are charring and yelling; it was the Boston marathon. Here they came around the corner to the finish line then BOOM! There was a bomb that went off, killed three people. Then near Boylston street another bomb went off BOOM! injuring 264 people the bombs where set 12 seconds apart. They held BB like pelts and nails. It killed and Eight year old named Martin Richard, a Twenty year old named Krista Campbell, and a graduate student from Boston university she was originally from china her name it Lingzi Lu.

So a few years later everything was normal everyone is going back to work and people are happy again. but we will never forget the Boston Marathon. The worst day of the year.

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