Posted: May 3, 2017 by bayleelellis in BayleeE

You were always

A “daddy’s girl”

Until you woke up one morning

And he was gone.

You worried

That you were a bad child,

That it was your fault.

You couldn’t understand


He would leave.

Especially since you needed him


More than ever!


You needed help

Taking care of mother.

She was far too sick,

And you were far too young.

You resented him,


One day

You found forgiveness,

And mother got better.

She was healthy again,


Just like the autumn wind,

Another parent left.

You felt unwanted.

You felt outcast,

You felt like a let down,

You could never understand,




One day, you realized

That it wasn’t you.

You realized

How wonderful you are.

You took your losses,

And transformed yourself

From a scared, fragile little caterpillar,

Into a bright, beautiful butterfly.


You were no longer held down,

By resentment,

You were now free!

Like the wind.

But still alone —


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