Judgement’s Failure

Posted: April 21, 2017 by tabbycollins in TabithaC, Uncategorized


Don’t go any further.

He will get you with his cold bony fingers.

He grabs you.

Pulling you deep into the abyss.

A train whistle sounds.

But you missed it.

Horses hooves pound against the concrete.

Unrecognizable faces pass by.

Energy surges through you.

Bricks crumble

And an icy wind freezes your soul.

Rain blocks your vision.

Cries of agony fill your ears.

Whips thrash behind your head.

Low grumbles erupt.

Sourcing heat suffocates you.

Scales wrap around you.

An finally.

Freezing cold cools you.

The pain seeps away.

And numbness takes over.

Why do the worst crimes receive the least punishment?

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