I didn’t know I loved

Posted: April 29, 2016 by T_K in TaylorK, Uncategorized

I didn’t know

I loved cigarette smoke until her flame went out

Walking into her empty house missing the smoke blow in my face

Entering my lungs, knowing mamalws home

I didn’t know

I loved fighting

Until I realized that’s how you know someone loves you

To fight with and for you no matter how hard you make it

I didn’t know

I loved being judged

Until being judged pushed me harder to realize I don’t care about others opinions

I don’t want or need acceptance to non needed people

I didn’t know

I loved hospitals

Until that one night when my mamawl was saved for one more tomorrow

Until she was able to breath one more time

I didn’t know

I loved books

Until I read so many I felt consumed in them

Abandoned in this world when the final chapter ended

I didn’t know

I loved myself

Until I seen that everything and everyone that I do love,

Makes me who I am

Until I see my home in me

My mamalws laugh, my aunts eyes, my sisters strength, my great mamawls courage and my mothers smile

I didn’t know


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