Lord, When I Get To Heaven Please Let Me Bring My Man

Posted: April 25, 2016 by bethanydk in BethanyK, Uncategorized

He had brown eyes,

not like the black brown,

not the brown that you just discard.

But, the kind of brown you look really hard to find.

He had beautiful eyes,

long brown hair,

that hair slicked back into a bun.

A little bit of scruff,

 a pretty white smile.

We talked, and he got uncomfortably close.

I was okay with it.

He talked to me like he knew me,

and seeing as we just met I was fascinated.

I knew it wouldn’t last long,

but his childlike smile made me want to never leave.

At the moment I had him and nothing else,

and now he’s gone.

And I’ll never see him again.

And now everything aches for him,

and everything begs for him.

  1. cydcollins says:

    I know how that feels