I’ll Spit On Your Grave

Posted: April 15, 2016 by bethanydk in BethanyK, Uncategorized


You hit me the first time,

it hurt.

You hit me the second time,

it hurt but I acted like it didn’t.


when it came around to the third time,

I didn’t feel the slightest pinch.

See, you yelled at me almost everyday,

I learnt how to block it out and honestly not care what you said,

I still don’t.

You hit me almost everyday, and I started to fight back.

Funny, huh?

How that works.

You made bruises seem beautiful,

I made your ugly black soul look white.

Not anymore.

I’ve numbed all of this pain,

for such a long time,

I’m made of stone.
Not even you could break.

I have made all of your faults seem like nothing,

and no one believes me anymore.


when you die,

and burn in the fires in hell,

I won’t shed the first tear,

I’ll spit on your grave.


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