Daughterly Love

Posted: April 15, 2016 by rheanna12 in RheannaW, Uncategorized

So excited, nervous.
Going to the place where all good thoughts exist.
Warm chocolate smell drifts through the air waiting to be added to coffee.
A bang from two doors,
a slight roar.
We’re off!
Minds being allowed to play.
Cheese burger scent filling the air,
as the adventure begins.
An hours away from home.
Twigs being crushed from an old cemetary.
“It’s a ghost!”
“I love you,” laughing back at the remark.
Tiny white balls sprinkled on two similar tongues.
Once again, two more bangs,
another roar.
Visibly passing red hats with white balls inside of stores.
Now, not a call, or visit.
You’re an hours away from me, again.
But this time,
“you’re dying dad.”
Silence, complete silence.
Sniffed and whispered,
“I love you.”

  1. rgreen44 says:

    Cool usage of font!