Posted: April 14, 2016 by chaseo32 in ChaseO, Uncategorized

The worst sadness is not with tears; it is when you can feel the tears, but none fall. You feel as if the world has just ended. True pain and heartache is when you’re up until 3 a.m. because the pain is too unbearable. The nights where you’re forced to listen to your inner demons and suffocate on their harsh words. It’s when the pain is so unbearable that you become numb. You don’t cry, you don’t hear, you don’t speak, you just stay there. It’s as if your emotions have disappeared, and for a second your heart actually dies. It’s when you are the one trying to fix people and everything around you, but people often forget that the people that try to fix everything are often the people that need fixed themselves. True pain is when you bottle it up, and don’t share your sadness and anger with anyone. Where you put on a smile for everyone around you, even if you don’t believe in it yourself. True pain causes the heart to crack and break; it causes the person to sweep up the broken pieces, but to lock away the pieces so they won’t be crushed more than they already are.

  1. jadajanae says:

    I really liked this Chase! Great job.