I am from

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I am from the little white house

From the wooded sent of the glorious mountains

I am from silence

From far into the woods

I am from the place people mind their own business

From the beauty of pure elegance


I am from my sisters’ loving embrace

from “Oh how I miss you!” and “I love you so much.!

I am from tears

From my sister’s tragic passing

I am from “Please don’t leave me!” and “Where did you go?

From “I promise.” and “I swear.


I am from arguments

from scars and red marks

I am from bumps and bruises

from magical flying objects and clumsiness


I am from long faded picture and long forgotten faces

from a dark past but a bright future

I am from my experiences

from the good and the bad

I am from the experiences that shape but don’t control me.

  1. amberea12 says:

    I really love this you did really good