I Love You The Orangest

Posted: June 9, 2015 by alyssamarcum12 in AlyssaM

I love you the Orangest.

I love you like the sunset on the horizon,

Right before the moon and the stars replace the bright, yellow sun with shimmering sparkles.

I love you like a dimming fire

You keep my path lit, but never burn me.

Orange is bright, happy, and funny

That is what I like about you.

You are the colors red and yellow.

You blossomed from the changing leaves in the fall to a garden of Roses, Dandy Lions, and Tiger Lilies in the spring.

When I first met you, you were the monarch butterfly dancing in my stomach.

Your kisses gave me energy.

Like a fire, your hugs protected me and gave me warmth.

You’re like a cheetah, you’re always fast to help me.

You have the eye of a tiger; you’re strong and protective.

You told me that before you were yellow,

Happy, but always looking for something to make you complete.

Our love is full of red passion.

With me, you are the orangest.

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