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Caged Bird

Posted: March 17, 2015 by brittanyhodges0 in BrittanyH

Like a caged bird, you kept me under wraps

You left me blinded in darkness

You were the only ounce of light I encountered through the darkness

The only cheerful thing in my cluster of surrounding gloom

You were the only glimmer of happiness in what seemed to be the saddest kind of universe

The world went dark as the spark grew light

The new words not from your mouth, which were never spoken became a beacon in the night

A new wing maker came to save me

Storing independence and grace in its structure

And the best part is, you never had to tell me so I could feel beautiful

Beautiful, with my broken wings.

The Looking Glass of Lies

Posted: March 17, 2015 by gracebannister in GraceB

When I was young in Wonderland,

I was never still.

I lived among the apple trees,

My heart was on the hill.


From my back grew ivory wings,

For I was free as day.

All I knew of sorrow was for

Those who could not stay.


When I was young in Wonderland,

The way was never clear.

For I could see the demons,

They told me not to fear.


I was young but not a fool;

I opened up my eyes.

And there I saw among the people,

A Wonderland of Lies.


Posted: March 17, 2015 by aenbell in AllisonB

My sister is to me the greatest person in this world,
one of a kind and one in a million
Her soul is made of pure love,
yet she’s worth way more than gold.

In my eyes, she will always be,
the most beautiful person to walk the earth.
To me she’s the smartest woman I know,
and it truly does show.

There is no one that compares to her
no one that even comes close.
I appreciate all the advise she has given me
The memories I will forever cherish
for they are priceless.

White floral dress

Posted: March 17, 2015 by rachaelnf in RachaelF

White floral dress

Too cold for the weather

Curls falling

Makeup smudging


Home from a late night with a friend

Only a friend


Sitting on the couch

Waiting for your ride

Laughing, joking around

That’s what friends are for


Friends are friendly

Are you overly friendly?

Is there something here?

Blooming like the flowers on my dress

I think



Are these feelings mutual?

I’m not sure

I hope

Dream or reality

Posted: March 17, 2015 by sierrex3 in SierreH

The stars burst open in the wind

birds flying high in the middle of the night

Unknown thoughts drifting in the wind

Does my life start to see again

Maybe Now times run up

Run for the door before it closes shut

Out of breath Out of time

Darkness consumes us, its time to sleep now…

What do you want to be?

Posted: March 17, 2015 by rachaelnf in RachaelF


Tell me what you want to be?

A princess with a castle who wears ball gowns and can always have fine parties and meet princes



Tell me what you want to me?

A movie star who goes to all the premiers and wear fabulous dresses



Tell me what you want to be?

A ballet dancer who practices for hours every day, and who gets to play parts such as Clara, Sleeping Beauty and Giselle.



Tell me what you want to be?

A teacher, I want to inspire young minds and make a difference somehow. But, before all that I just want to feel stability and feel whole. To make it through high school with part of my sanity intact. To become all that I need to be for me


Tell me what you want to be? Me

The Condemnation of Two

Posted: March 17, 2015 by gracebannister in GraceB

The room was dark

And quiet, and cold.

I came seeking peace.

And you,


I guess I interrupted.

But Still,

Side by side we stood,

By the shattered glass.

No words.

No touch.

Only whisper of stirring breath.

As we stared up;

Up, into the blank, ivory sky.

And there,

Surrounded by snow,

In the bitter, frigid air,

We found our secret warmth.


As the winter fades,

And first dawn’s light begins its break,

We both know the truth.

To seek one another,

Is to condemn the other.

And so,

With gooseflesh skin,

We part.

Schizophrenic Soul

Posted: March 17, 2015 by gracebannister in GraceB

Spinning, dancing, whirling:

The spirits that haunt my eyes.

Some cry out in melodic tones;

Others cry out in lies.

I listen to the voices,

That no one else can hear.

I know not if I enjoy them,

Or if they’re my greatest fear.

The finest line of Life and Death:

A dark and dangerous game.

And at the twilight of my dawn,

I shall bow and take the blame.

Ask me why I dance?

Posted: March 17, 2015 by rachaelnf in RachaelF, Uncategorized

Ask me why I dance

I spin and jump into that question

The answer is not as easy

As a pirouette



There are stage, I am content

Every negative emotion kicked aside

Kicked by the legs I rely on to make my turn

La slide jette’


Breath in

I spin


I dance

I hope

I wish life was simple

As simple as a pique


I dance for the audience

But I dance for me


I run, jumping over negative

I spin, whirling in positivity


Ask me why I dance

Ask me why I write 

Posted: March 17, 2015 by ambermstone08 in AmberS

Ask me why I write 

When words can’t be explained and thoughts can’t be spoken. 

I sit at my desk and tap my pen until the words fall onto the paper.

Happiness, sadness , and hope. They’re all there.

When words that once seemed transparent become vivid. It reminds me of who I am. 

Ask me why I write. 

Summer Days

Posted: March 17, 2015 by sara88akers in SaraA

The leaves flow,

Sun beaming down on us,

The breeze of the wind,

Cooling us down.

Nights of no sleeping,

Yet having fun all day. 

Rain falling,

Making puddles.

We run, 

Splashing the water.

Bon fires,

Roasting marshmallows,

Making s’mores.

Summer days, 

Summer nights…

They never get old.


Posted: March 17, 2015 by aenbell in AllisonB

listen don’t you hear
I’m crying
but they are silent tears
I’m crying on the inside
so you can’t see
all the pain running though me
I cry for you
I cry for the times I can’t
So listen


Posted: March 17, 2015 by aenbell in AllisonB

Bright beautiful sun
The trees are full
Green grass
Hot summer sun

Shy is so blue
Funny shaped clouds
Big and small

Sounds of cheering fans
Smell of popcorn
Dirty uniforms
Softball is in the air

Little girl, Little girl.

Posted: March 17, 2015 by ambermstone08 in AmberS

Little girl little girl, tell me all of your dreams. 

We’ll fix a broken ship and sail across the sea.

Little girl little girl, tell me all of your sorrows.

We’ll dive into the ocean and forget about tomorrow.

Little girl little girl, lost in your fears. 

We’ll bury the doubts in the sand, and swim back to the piers. 

I am what I am 

Posted: March 17, 2015 by ashmollett in AshleyM

I am a piece of breakable glass

I am controlling because I have 

learned about being walked all over 

I am from a small town in West Virginia 

Wild and Wonderful 

I am a dirt loving girly girl 

Who was raised to respect 

I am what I am