Ice cream

Posted: March 19, 2015 by garytrammell47 in 2015, GaryT

A small ice cream shop

I ordered blueberry, how convenient

She was fixated on me, glaring with a blueberry stare

Love at first sight?

I understand why that’s such a popular belief

For the color of my desert was fading out

It seemed dull and dead

Compared to the shade and tint of her eyes

I can compare her to the ice cream I got that day

Sweet, blue, a joy

The one difference is

That look she had, over time, it stayed

And unlike that ice cream

It didn’t melt

  1. hannahmarie64 says:

    my heart must be ice cream then because this definitely made it melt.

  2. rachaelnf says:

    This is so sweet

  3. alyssamarcum12 says:

    I love the imagery in this piece and the overall meaning. This piece is so cute 🙂