What do you want to be?

Posted: March 17, 2015 by rachaelnf in RachaelF


Tell me what you want to be?

A princess with a castle who wears ball gowns and can always have fine parties and meet princes



Tell me what you want to me?

A movie star who goes to all the premiers and wear fabulous dresses



Tell me what you want to be?

A ballet dancer who practices for hours every day, and who gets to play parts such as Clara, Sleeping Beauty and Giselle.



Tell me what you want to be?

A teacher, I want to inspire young minds and make a difference somehow. But, before all that I just want to feel stability and feel whole. To make it through high school with part of my sanity intact. To become all that I need to be for me


Tell me what you want to be? Me

  1. brandonwood499 says:

    I really like this piece. I love how it demonstrates the fact that we all want to be many things over the course of our lives. The end is especially important – at some point, all we really want to be is ourselves.