Posted: March 17, 2015 by alyssamarcum12 in AlyssaM

It was so sudden,

Like a lightning bolt flew out of the sky

And shocked me with a thousand volts of power


My breath was taken

My heart stopped beating

I couldn’t move

I couldn’t hear

The only thing I heard were thoughts running through my mind


Could I do this?

Could I take this big risk,

To let my heart fall into the hands of another?


What if at a second in time,

The world stopped turning,

And my heart flew out of his grasp

To become shattered pieces on the

Cold ground of this earth


This is when I have to let my heart start speaking…

If I don’t take this chance then my heart will be broken anyways


This is when I knew what I had to do

Then I heard myself say…

I Love You Too.


-Alyssa Marcum

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