Posted: March 16, 2015 by hannahmarie64 in HannahW2015

don’t expect me to speak the thoughts
clustered throughout my wondrous mind
because writing saves the sanity
so desperately begging to escape
from my wicked dreams and abilities
because writing captures the essence of my mind
rather than forcing it out
of a cup with no lid
spilling on the table
spilling all the liquids
creating a jumble of messes
that I so desperately reach for a towel to clean up
because writing helps those 3am tears on a Tuesday night
the tears my body creates to remind me that
my mind is a dictionary
awaiting the print of my hands
across a paper that contains scribbles
because in my mind the people around me are constellations
in dimensions that remain unknown
dimensions not yet discovered or explored
so I can’t expect other constellations to fathom
the idea of my jumbled stars
when they are still oblivious
to the fact that they do not know
what to call themselves
so how can I expect them
to know what to call me

  1. gracebannister says:

    This piece is really relatable. I love how the flowing yet jumbled format complements the point of the piece.