Posted: January 15, 2015 by sara88akers in SaraA

Life is unexpected.
You can’t tell the future.
You’ll experience the good times,
And the bad times.
But you don’t know when you’ll be at your best,
And you don’t know when you’ll be at your worst.
You’ll feel like you’re heading the right direction,
Then you turn the wrong way.
You don’t know what happened,
But all you can do is try to fix it.
These things only come once,
So let life be a lesson.

  1. lexirm says:

    So true. I love this poem! c:

  2. alyssamarcum12 says:

    I love this because you perfectly described life. I like how you say to ” let life be a lesson.” It makes people see the good things about life. Really inspiring piece! 🙂