Posted: January 13, 2015 by brandonwood499 in 2015, BrandonW

Our faces are relied upon to tell our story
Most of the time, it doesn’t matter
how we feel, what we’ve been through
on the inside

Most of the time, my look of anger shields the fear in my heart
I put on a mask to cover up what I feel inside

Other times, though, my joyful grin
hides all of my concern
my uneasy thought process
We often mistake smiles for happiness
but a great deal of the time, smiles provide an assumption
untrue to what’s really being felt on the inside

Take the time to search underneath
Search for the true emotion in one’s heart
Maybe we can help tie up their loose ends
Maybe we can help make all of their thoughts,
all of the single stars floating in their mind,
one unified constellation.


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