A Little Box by Lexi Morgan

Posted: January 13, 2015 by Lexi in LexiM2015

The whole world seemed happy,
Except me.
Sitting alone in a little metal box
On wheels,
Traveling to nowhere but a corner.
A blip in a timeline.
Flashes of vivid sorrow played in my head like a movie.
But occupation brings respite,
And the dance of emotion began
Swirling behind blue eyes,
A smile to keep the tempo.
One with the marching tick of a clock.

On with the dance.

Alone in a little fleshy box,
Everything is a ballerina with a broken ankle.
But then.
Then the ballet changes,
And the bones mend,
And the smile is certified as the bringer of grace,
And the dance is wild,
And here,
In a little heart box,
Is joy.

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