My parents always wanted.

Posted: May 30, 2014 by shelbeebalentine in ShelbeeB

A craving I couldn’t feed.

More for me than they had received.

But they knew they were loved,

I guess their mind wasn’t able to wrap itself around that.

They never knew that I needed nothing but them.

I wanted to know that they were okay.

And that for once my love was enough,

that is what my body ached for.


But like the tide they come and go; unable to stay with me for long.

And I just watch.

As the deep dark ocean just swallows them.

I am numb to the pain, not really able to let people in.


My parents always wanted what I thought I was.

the pain of being alone has now turned to strive.

I used to lay awake.

with the burden that I wasn’t enough.

but that is it past now.

are you happy now, now that you can’t make me cry?


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