Hopeless but hoping

Posted: October 24, 2013 by hannahmarie64 in HannahW

I wonder about silly things,
like if birds like to fly or if they’d rather swim.
I hear confused people,
always being quickest to judge.
I see what people want me to see,
because they’re never who they seem to be.
I want things to be simple sometimes,
but then I miss the complications

I pretend most people aren’t really there,
because sometimes, that’s the only way to be content.
I feel like everyone’s lost puppies,
looking for their owner, or a sense of direction.
I touch the books that’s been left behind,
containing a story that I will spend hours reading
I worry that one day we’ll all be forgotten,
then I remember that’s how it’ll be for everyone
I cry because the only person that understood,
isn’t here to tell me it’s okay

I understand you get what you give
I say hopeless but hoping
I dream about making a difference
I try to help as much as I can,
because I know how it feels to think you’re alone
I hope that one day I could save a life,
just like someone saved mine
and if I am not yet strong enough to do so
I will die trying.

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