Looking Back

Posted: October 23, 2013 by hannahmarie64 in HannahW

I remember believing in the toothfairy,
because mom always liked us best that way
I remember busting my mouth on the coffee table chasing my brother,
in the same little house that is now my home
I remember being excited for my first day of school,
because I wanted to be just like my bubby
I remember smelling dirt and fresh cut grass after school,
because I couldn’t count the times I’d fallen during cheer practice
I remember watching my mommy  cry whenever things I never understood happened,
then trying to cheer her up by singing a song too mature for my voice
I remember going into the big doctor’s office,
and being scared at what they told me was my baby sister on TV
I remember my daddy being my superhero whenever he’d carry me to my bed,
because we all tried to stay awake past our bed time
I remember complaining to my parents during the rides from NC to WV,
because what was 5 hours really felt like twelve
I remember dancing on a pool table with Shelbee,
because Hannah Montana knew how to get us moving
I remember being afraid to see my goofball of a father on May 22nd,
because I knew what was laying there no longer contained the soul I loved so much
I remember twisting my hair constantly in class,
later coming home to mommy asking her to brush it out
I remember jumping around in my room like a rock star,
because my little sister laughed at me like I really was
I remember getting mad when people were mean to her,
and I remember the girl crying when I hit her for hurting her feelings
I remember fake sleeping until my mommy and daddy would come in my room,
because I liked the way they kissed me in my sleep

I remember being young and careless,
because young and careless was all we were allowed to be


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