Posted: June 12, 2013 by Ethan G in EthanG, The Great Unifier of Japan

By Ethan Gartin

My father failed where I shall succeed.
I shall challenge the great Shogun –
Once my armies gain strength.
Tokugawa thought he could sweep Japan after my father’s death,
But NO! –
I will risk everything in denying him such glory.
He aggressively steals Japan
And forces the daimyo to pay for his own construction.
This is unjust!
No more, I say, No more.

I will seek the aid of others and in a few years,
If I can just go undisturbed for a few years,
I shall challenge the Shogun.
I can challenge the Shogun.
I will challenge the Shogun.

– Hidetori, son of Hideyoshi


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