I Raised an Olympian.

Posted: May 20, 2013 by peytonporter1995 in Once in a Life Time, PeytonP

How many can say these powerful words?
I raised an Olympian.

I see her sore,
Doing the same death defying move,
Only to have to do it
Again and Again.

Then one day
She outgrows her hometown
Seeing her go.

Letting her be someone else’s

Missing out on two years
Of goodnight hugs and kisses.
Two years of her life.

Not getting to see her grow
Into a young woman
Into who she is today.

Then I have to sit and wonder…
Is someone else holding her
While she’s sad,
ready to give up?

Do they tell her
It’s going to be

Do they remind her to persevere?
To look at every she’s given up
To get as far as she has.

Because that’s what I would do.

The baby of our family
left us at 14.
To make her dreams come true,
Because no one else could,
But her.

That’s what it takes to raise an Olympian,
That and a hell of a lot more.

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