Words You’ll Never Hear- Kelsey Crum

Posted: March 27, 2013 by kelseycrum2015 in KelseyC

You slipped through my grasp

Like sand through an hourglass

How did I let you go?

I love you, I miss you

But you’re in someone else’s arms

And with tears threatening to pour from my eyes

Like an ocean

I say words that you’ll never hear.

Forget the words I said when we parted

The feelings are still 100% there for me,

But you say no, they aren’t there for you anymore.

How did I let this happen again?

If I could give you anything,

I would take everything I could find,

Every star in the sky,

Every drop of the salty ocean,

Every single blade of grass,

Every ray of sunshine on a bright summer morning,

So you will never go without,

So maybe you’ll understand

That I love you way more than she ever will,

She’s a child,

She’ll break your heart,

Again, I’m saying

Words you’ll never hear.


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