Something we’ve all known

Posted: March 26, 2013 by peytonporter1995 in PeytonP

We knew that year would be one of our lasts.

Something we’ve known for thirteen years changing over night.

People we see every day soon become a memory, then not being able to distinguish the difference between that memory or what was that a dream?

It comes in a sequence.
1st day,
Thanksgiving Break & Christmas,
Some turn 18 and the winter passes.
The buds on the willow trees bloom, then what do ya know it’s Spring Break.
You come back to Westest review & core classes to realize the year is over.

We’re about to graduate, your last day is here.

This life is yours, you’re an adult now.

The smiles & the tears are two of the same, but not sure which to do, but honestly not being able to control either.

But no need to fear your parents & real friends will always be there.

  1. I like how this represents the fears of graduating high school, but I do love how it remains positive at the end.

  2. gracianarose13 says:

    This poem destroyed me in a very good way. People always think senior year is stress free and you’ll be happy to graduate, but truthfully you do feel sadness during your senior year and it’s not all happiness.