My Mother Always Wanted

Posted: March 26, 2013 by gracianarose13 in GracieD

A gentle little girl

So she dressed me up cute

And made me promise to play nice

It worked until a boy ripped up my drawing

And she got a call from an unhappy mother

About a vicious tantrum

She wanted a daughter who knew what she wanted

One who chased her dreams

Not one who is headstrong and doesn’t listen

 Most of the time

An angel who did what she was told

And never spoke her mind

So she taught her

If you have nothing nice to say

Don’t say anything at all

It only worked a little while

  1. vjbc21 says:

    I like how you said it only worked a little while… haha!!

  2. I like the general feel of the controlling parent/ submissive child story because a lot of people go through that, and you could never really tell that they were raised in that kind of situation. My personal suggestion would be to change angel to servant because, to me, it seems more fitting.

  3. Ethan G says:

    I love this one, especially because I know how true it is because that day I ripped your drawing a little by accident xD

  4. peytonporter1995 says:

    Such a cute piece! I think every little girl can only play nice for so long. Even now that you’re older you can only tolerate so much before you do snap.

  5. kaileed7 says:

    I can remember my own mother telling me the exact same things about being nice and keeping bad things to myself. This piece is very relate-able. I loved this poem!!!