Memorable Day

Posted: March 26, 2013 by josephcolley in JosephC

Memorable day?
How cliché.
I have tons of those days stowed away.

Nice summer day, microphone and controller wrapped in hand.
10 people coming to watch? Fair amount.
Just as our live gaming is about to be announced, a quick change of heart occurs.

Elsie’s online? A quick chat wouldn’t hurt.
Time went by talking to what I see as a beautiful maiden who could easily outshine the sun, and the quick chat forms itself into an hour long conversation. Livestream canceled, but worth it.

That night, all of my feelings come out. Hers as well. Looks like I’ve found someone I call mine.

  1. lukacsbetsy says:

    I love how you changed the focus of this piece! It helped create the tone.

  2. gracianarose13 says:

    I absolutely love that you chose to write about your girlfriend. So many guys are too embarrassed to write about something so close to their heart.

  3. Ethan G says:

    The first few lines made me laugh a good bit: “How cliche” – quite clever.

  4. kaileed7 says:

    I really enjoyed the rhyming of the first stanza. It helped set the tone of the poem.