Different eyes

Posted: March 26, 2013 by josephcolley in JosephC

The eyes of one man are different than someone else’s.
A complete stranger speaks of something dire.
“She slept with someone” Is all I can hear from his frantic speech.
It was explained many times over, though what I heard was all the same.
Everyone left my mind. Everyone left my soul.
The stranger’s words were daggers lunging into me.
“We need to talk” Is the only thing I can build the guts to say.
Soon after I hear the words again, even though it’s explained by someone I know.
The words sprang into my mind again. “She’s with someone else.”
However, trembles through her speech tell me something.
She’s innocent here. She didn’t want it to happen.
I wish I’d realized it sooner… All I accomplished was making us both feel more alone.

  1. I really love the emotion that comes from the repetitiveness of the idea of someone cheating on someone. Strong piece, man.