Beginning of the End

Posted: March 26, 2013 by vjbc21 in VivanC

Everything has a beginning.

A sudden stillness,

Empty and alone.

Always searching for something.

Someone to hear you.

Life is always changing,

And leaving us crawling to catch up.

It’s your choice to stand.

Scared to risk,

Yet scared to be alone.

Time is a forceful wind,

Blowing you away.

You can throw your punches,

But it still knocks you down.

Your life is only a breath of time.

Everything has an end.

  1. katlynmollett says:

    This poem is very beautiful. My favorite line is “Life is always changing, and leaving us crawling to catch up.” That line is so true. Sometimes, life takes an unexpected turn, and we can either stay strong or give up. This poem has a lot of meaning; it is lovely.