A Dream I can Remember

Posted: March 26, 2013 by prometheus117 in MatthewD

Look at the light come in through the window.

You can’t feel it, but you know its there.

Is our existence real though?

There are so many holes or dead ends that our mind leads us to.

I heard a man say if you can remember it then it happened.

I can’t remember when I was born.

Does that mean that I am not real?

I’m living in an ever-altering state of being.

If my life is just fantasy then where are the dragons and castles?

Where are the wings on my back that will free me from the cold hard ground?

My life just may be someone else’s dream.

A dream that only I can remember.

  1. josephcolley says:

    I love the imagination and reasoning that’s behind this poem, especially when someone’s questioning his life and thinks about dungeons and dragons.