The World Still Turns

Posted: January 30, 2013 by gracianarose13 in GracieD

The World Still Turns

A baby takes its first breathe

An old man takes his last

Someone’s in the future

Someone’s in the past

The sunset glows

Waves crash against sand

A rooster crows

Protesters stand, hand in hand

Through it all

The world still turns

And only the ocean

Notices the churn

  1. peytonporter1995 says:

    I like how half way through it it starts to rhyme, but not in a funny sense, but it’s most definitely true!

  2. katlynmollett says:

    I like the line ” the world still turns and only the ocean notices the churn”. I like this line. In my opinion, sometimes we get caught up with life, and we miss out on some of the greatest things. This poem is beautiful, and it reminded me that there is a world out side of Logan County. Sometimes, I get wrapped up in the chaos of my life and forget. You helped me remember that everyone is going through different things. This is great.

  3. kaileed7 says:

    I like the rhyme scheme of the piece, and the truth that the world continues to go on.

  4. katlynmollett says:

    This is beautiful; great job!

  5. I like the parallel of beginnings and endings and the world continuing to change. Nice!