The Tragedy of the Firstborn Son

Posted: January 30, 2013 by prometheus117 in MatthewD

I have seen the world and all that it is.

She is still his.

I have lost my ambition and all that I desire.

All of my memories are erased by a fire.

Running away, I can’t escape.

As I watch all my horrors take shape.

I still run, not stopping as I reach the cliff.

My life is a misunderstood glyph.

Every tear shed.

Every time I wished I was dead.

Nothing matters to me anymore.

I’m tired of fighting myself in this endless war.

I am going to let it consume my soul.

I am only a piece of what I was, I am no longer whole.

I have burned all those who cared.

The thing I am becoming has me scared.

I am drowning in a bottomless sea of rage.

All of my evil is unleashed from its cage.

I have no more vision, now it is all black.

So many words said and actions done that I can never take back.

My ribs are organless as hate is pumped in my veins.

The fires aren’t put out even as it rains.

I don’t want anything at all.

I keep backing myself into a wall.

I am trapped with nowhere to run.

If only I could have stopped it before it begun.

I bask one last time in the midnight sun.

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